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Incubated at the University of Virginia, Embark is a community resource to connect highly skilled talent with local employers. Through partnerships with the University, the City of Charlottesville, and Albemarle County, Embark has created a unique space for newcomers to explore the opportunities that Central Virginia has to offer, for job seekers to network and research local employers, and for employers to increase their visibility to a growing talent pipeline.

UVA Career Center

Find valuable resources from the University of Virginia’s Career Center, including networking opportunities, focused career communities, jobs and internships, and more. 

UVA Dual Career Program

Every year, professionals relocate to Charlottesville to advance their careers. Many people also move with partners and spouses who may also be looking for a new job opportunity. The UVA Dual Career Program serves spouses and partners for those connected with UVA. Discover how the program could benefit you or your partner.

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Economic Development

UVA Office of Economic Development

The University of Virginia is proactively and enthusiastically engaged in amplifying its economic impact on the Commonwealth by working with public and private sector partners to bring positive and powerful change to Virginia, leveraging UVA's unique assets and capabilities.

Albemarle County Economic Development

Albemarle County’s focus on economic development has developed significant momentum in recent years. The County has taken a very deliberate, thoughtful, and strategic approach that works within the framework of the community’s vision as established in the Comprehensive Plan and other established policy items, as outlined in Project Enable.

Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development

Located at North Fork, the Partnership combines the resources and staff of regional associates to provide core services for business decision makers and its local partners.

Government & Defense

UVA Applied Research Institute

The Applied Research Institute was created in 2011 to leverage the University’s human and capital assets to support applied research, education, and training with a focus on homeland security, national intelligence and defense challenges. ARI has secure office and meeting space at North Fork and administrative offices near Central Grounds.

Defense Affairs Committee

The Defense Affairs Committee (DAC) of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce is tasked with generating community engagement and coordination among the local defense and intelligence industry, the Department of Defense, and regional stakeholders, with the goal of strengthening relations and increasing business development. The onsite program coordinator in Town Center Two serves as the community’s primary point of contact for active duty military, reserve affairs and National Guard members, veterans, and families.

Networking & Advocacy

Charlottesville Business Innovation Council

Since 1997, CBIC has been a unifying voice of technology in Charlottesville and Central Virginia. As the region’s largest tech industry organization, CBIC empower its members with the insights, resources, and connections they need to nurture successful innovation.

Charlottesville Women in Tech

Charlottesville Women in Tech (CWIT) is an organization for emerging and established professionals that provides human connections and resources for women and girls interested in or associated with technology. CWIT's vision is to bridge the gender gap in tech by providing a safe and welcoming environment for women and girls to connect, learn and collaborate in Charlottesville.

Cville BioHub

CvilleBioHub amplifies a vibrant and expansive biotechnology industry cluster in Charlottesville, home to more than 65 companies at the forefront of advancing human health and innovation.